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Leaving an Impactful Imprint

A conversation on marketplace ministry.

Are you curious about how to make a true impact in the marketplace? This episode will include the answer to this question and empower you to be effective in marketplace ministry.

Listen in as Equalla is joined by our star guest, Yvonne Camper. She is an online business consultant, author, and ministry leader whose main objective is to help cultivate, heal, and provoke God's people to walk in authority and dominion in their sphere of influence.

This episode is full of helpful tips, insight, and encouragement. Don't miss it.

The 'listen here' button above will take you to our website to listen. Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Each generation has something to give or to pass down to the one proceeding it. What are you passing down to the next generation in your home, workplace, or ministry?

In this video, Business Consultant, Yvonne, shares about the importance of creating generational impact in the family & leadership.

"The marketplace is brewing. It is open for evangelism. It is open for the handprint and footprint of God."

~Yvonne Camper

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