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Don't Reject the Hope That Can Help

Faith | Hope | Mental Health | Suicide Prevention

A conversation with Encouragement Cheerleader and Speaker, Jarkeshia McGahee.

PIC | Host: Equalla Foster and Guest: Jarkeshia McGahee

September is Suicide Prevention Month. This month is a great time to raise awareness, gain understanding, and get the training or resources needed to save someone's life. In our Christian communities, let's be willing to be trained to address mental health topics and to have accessible resources to refer to someone. Prayer is fantastic and an essential part of our faith. Scriptures are vital. But we also need to have practical ways to help those in need of emotional support. Allow the Lord to lead you every step of the way. Let's not reject the hope that can help.

In this episode, Equalla is joined by guest Jarkeshia McGahee of Jarkeshia is an Encouragement Cheerleader, Podcaster, Speaker, and advocate for mental health. She provides Christian encouragement with an emphasis on checking on your people.

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Jarkeshia McGahee | Photo Credit: D. Jones Photography, LLC.

God has shown me so many things about mental health. I find joy in teaching about it and bringing awareness to it. Especially in the Faith community because that's one topic we don't talk a lot about.

~Jarkeshia McGahee

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You are not alone. Communities, resources, and tools are available for yourself and to help support someone you care about. We want to remain in a position of hope because we don’t want to condition ourselves to believe that we are not worthy of living or that suicide is the answer.

Encouragement Cheerleader, Podcaster, Speaker, and Advocate for Mental Health, Jarkeshia McGahee, joins Equalla in this conversation.

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