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Leaders Sharpening Leaders

A conversation with Lakia Pearson of 1133 Candles.

A picture of the host of Good Day Leader and the guest for the Episode "Leaders Sharpening Leaders".

What are some ways that leaders can sharpen one another? You are welcome to the conversation with Equalla and her stellar guest, Lakia Pearson, as they discuss the answer by sharing the importance of friendships, family, and faith.

Lakia is the founder and candle maker at 1133 Candles in Los Angeles, California.

A Christian candle company that refreshes your home naturally with their soy-based candles. Learn more at

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When we connect. When we talk to each other, and share our highs, our lows, our victories, our triumphs, we can encourage one another, and sharpen one another so that we are both effective in what God called us to do.

We need that encouragement. As the scripture says, “iron sharpens iron.” We need one another. ~Lakia Pearson

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Building a legacy of faith in our marriages, parenting, friendships, and communities is possible when Christ is the Head and not the tail in our lives. There's no sweeter gift to give our family than creating beautiful memories of coming together in prayer and learning about the things of God.

Pastor's wife and worship leader Lakia Pearson, joins Equalla in this conversation.

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