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There's Strength in Community

A conversation on Community, Leadership, and Christ.

Why is community important? How can you turn a traumatic experience into something that will give honor to God through community? You are invited to listen in as guest Krystalle Wheeler, shares how she used an agonizing time in her life to encourage others suffering similarly through the creation of her non-profit organization.

Two images for the episode "There's Strength in Community." One of the host of Good Day Leader podcast. The other of the guest.

Krystalle is the founder and director for Lullaby of Hope, a ministry for women journeying loss in the womb. She has also accomplished writing her first book, "Hope through Thorns: Heavenly Perspective in the Midst of Heartache", scheduled to be released this year.

Leaders don't isolate. May you find strength through community.

"I have all eyes on me. What can I do to bring people to you Lord?" ~Krystalle Wheeler

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Effective delegation is about sharing and entrusting specific tasks, decisions, and responsibilities with another "trainable" or qualified person. This can be challenging for some leaders but is an important skill to acquire. This video briefly touches on empowering through delegation.

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