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Take the Risk, Part 2

Building a Healthy Leadership Legacy

I left my child's school feeling in awe of the God moment that I experienced from taking the risk and traveling in unfamiliar territory. If you have no clue what I am talking about read Part 1, then come back to finish reading this post.

Does that ever happen to you? Where you clearly see the hand of God orchestrating the situation as you're reflecting or living it out.

Now came another moment of decision. Should I go back the way that I came or go the route where I would have to get on the highway? It would seem to make sense to go back to the route that I came from. After all, I avoided the chaos of traffic on the highway and main roads. But I also thought at some point I would intercept with the sea of vehicles, and it may take me longer to get home than desired.

I chose at that moment not to go back the way that I came.

I know that seems odd. I thought so too.

Quickly I was met again with bright red brakes lights in front of me. Though it was daylight, I felt like I was in the dark. Not knowing with certainty when I would get home. There was no movement of vehicles. We were at a standstill. Cars behind me did impressive MacGyver moves to get out of this line of frustration. I contemplated a couple of times if I should do the same. I didn't. I felt to be patient and wait.

In my time of stillness, I prayed, listened to worship music, and stayed alert for any moments of breakthrough. Then it happened, after what seemed like 'forever', a big commercial truck stopped to let me squeeze in front of him. Impatient drivers honked at him for his kind act. As I turned the corner, not knowing if I was merging into more traffic, to my surprise, the road that I was on and the freeway on-ramp had cleared on my side, and it was a straight shot home!

Being still may have been uncomfortable, but the temporary discomfort reaped a nice reward.

There was still traffic on the highway and main roads, but not on my side. I had once again been guided to a better way. Later in the day, I found out that there had been four accidents. Now I understood why the traffic was horrific. Leader, there come those times when you want things to move quickly and right now, but God says, "hold on, slow down, and trust Me. Be still and know, that I AM God." It does not matter if you are at the top of your class, received multiple awards & recognitions, are a CEO, or are considered an expert in your field; you will need to learn how to commend your time, day, work, and life to the Lord.

Leadership is not always easy and can be overwhelming at times. Building in the midst of that may feel like you are leading in the dark. In those moments permit yourself to slow down. In the slowing or stillness, here is something you can do: S-O-W.

  • Seek the wisest Counselor in the universe, God. Let Him be your only Source. Everything else is a resource.

  • Omit the temptation. Oppression and suppression are real. Encourage yourself with scripture, song, praise, devotionals, etc. This will build up your spirit and strengthen you mentally and emotionally.

  • While waiting, stay alert. Nothing is worse than not paying attention and lacking godly wisdom. Be watchful and expect God to make a way out of no way. You do your part; He'll do the God part.

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