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Equalla Foster

Founder & CEO | Life & Hope Coach | Blog Editor & Writer | Podcast Host

Headshot of Equalla Foster.

Equalla Foster is a certified Life & Hope Coach and Crisis Intervention Specialist. A few of her areas of specialization are mental health, pastoral counseling, crisis response, trauma-informed care, and emotional intelligence. She has over ten years of professional and ministerial experience in leadership. She serves on an advisory council for a non-profit organization that supports women survivors of unhealthy sexual relationships by offering aid and resources for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In 2022, she launched the Good Day Leader podcast show. There, she dives into leadership topics about personal, professional, and ministerial life issues while encouraging leaders in the faith. Practical tips for managing emotional health and intelligence are uniquely interwoven into each episode.

She leads alongside her husband, Wylie Foster, as Co-founders of Inspire To Hope. They also serve in various ministry capacities.

“No leader should feel unsupported, untrained, or afraid regarding their mental and emotional health and wellness. This is why Inspire To Hope exists. We are a haven for leaders.”

It is easy to seek, detect, and highlight the dirt (flaws & negative attributes) about a person.


However, with prospector leadership the mission is to seek to draw out or to bring forth the gold (godly purpose, value, & positive attributes) of a person.


Are you a prospector leader in your home, workplace, or ministry? 

Not sure? Watch the video as Equalla explains Prospector Leadership.

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