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The Rainbow Connection

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

By Wylie Foster

When God established relationship (literally covenant relationship) with Noah, as evidence of how serious this partnership was to God, He gave Noah the Rainbow!

The rainbow represents the different aspects of God even different relationships. The world has perverted its true meaning. The colors represent the endless opportunities & possibilities. The rainbow is shaped like a bridge or a connecting point. It’s no coincidence that no one has discovered where it starts or ends because it’s impossible to discover where God starts or ends. He has no end or beginning! He can’t be described, explained, or contained. Only experienced!

Jesus is the Rainbow!

In the book of Galatians, Paul said Abraham had two (2) sons, one by human attempt & the other by divine promise. Both sons were figurative and illustrated the two kinds of relationship we have with God. In other words, we can live a life governed by rules, regulations, and in a controlled environment or we can live a life filled and fulfilled by walking in fellowship & relationship with God! A life that’s spontaneous, adventurous, and without human restriction.

King Saul and King David illustrate the difference between a life of human effort & walking in relationship with Christ. King Saul wasted much of his life as king chasing his competition and future replacement instead of discovering ways to be more competitive & become a better person. He had the opportunity to be an effective communicator and use his influence as an opportunity to establish God’s kingdom.

David was the opposite! He used his position of influence to build bridges, build relationships, and represent the King of Kings to the best of his ability. Saul broke his covenant with David trying to kill him. David honored his covenant with Jonathan, Saul’s son, by giving Saul’s grandson Mephibosheth special privileges and position in his palace.

Question: What are we doing with our positions of influence whether it’s big or small? Are we resenting the small opportunities we have, to make a big difference in our world today?

Imagine if we invested more time in our own skills and craft instead of watching what everyone else is doing, or looking for opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. In a world driven by self-interest, political, governmental, and sadly our own individual corruption, who’s going to be the connection?! When God places our choices, attitudes, behaviors, and actions in the balance, how much weight will it carry?

May we be streams and instruments from which the love of God can flow out of and touch the lives of others. Everyone wants to hear “Well done… but are we truly doing things well? Let’s be the Rainbow Connection!

God bless. 😊

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