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The Art of Good Leadership

Emotional intelligence, a key pillar of our leadership journey, is not just a skill but a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in effective leadership, coaching, mentorship, and the courage to challenge the status quo. Just as any structure we build requires a solid foundation to bear its weight, so does our leadership path in life. Remember, leadership is a journey of growth, and each of us, regardless of our current position, holds the potential to develop into a great leader.

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As we observe leadership patterns locally, nationally, or internationally, we witness the slow erosion of good leadership, often replaced by superficial characteristics and standards. However, there is always hope, especially for a leader whose confidence is not solely in self but in the One who knows the beginning from the end. Let's delve into this hope a little more with these pillars.


Good Leadership: Emotional Intelligence

To be on the higher spectrum of emotional intelligence, we need to steward our emotions well, which will help us regard others: family, teams, communities, and all those under our care and guidance. Neglecting to acknowledge, process, and advantageously release one's emotions may seem undamaging, but the results can be catastrophic. The same can be said for not positioning to hear the concerns, thoughts, and experiences of others. This positioning is empathy, a crucial component of emotional intelligence that fosters connection and understanding. Emotional intelligence is not just a skill; it's a key to leading productively and cultivating a deep sense of connection and understanding among all involved.

Scripture in Proverbs instructs us to "get understanding." However, before understanding, we must gain wisdom. The two go hand-in-hand. So, to have emotional intelligence, we need the knowledge or good sense to be psychologically sound, manage our emotions, and embrace the insightfulness of empowering others to move towards the same.

Assess: In what way could you work on increasing your emotional intelligence?

Good Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring

A good leader remains teachable regarding intellect, relations, and spirituality. No one person knows everything. We know in part. Coaching and mentorship are vital to personal, professional, and ministry leaders. Such access to inspiration and services must also be offered to those you lead. This keeps leaders accountable and humble, supports and guides their growth journey, and ensures they never feel alone in their leadership roles.

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The things learned then should be exercised or put to use. It does you or no one any good to gain knowledge and keep it private. It is the fruit of love to share. "We know that we all possess knowledge. But knowledge puffs up while love builds up." [1 Corinthians 8:1]. The person in the right standing with God will steward the things in their care well. Going back to the book of Proverbs, Chapter Nine tells us that to instruct a wise person, they will still be wiser, but to teach a righteous man, they will increase learning.

Assess: What would you like to receive and give in coach and mentor relationships?

Good Leadership: Challenge the Status Quo

Thus far, we have covered the cruciality of increasing emotional intelligence, staying teachable through coaching and mentoring, and providing the opportunity to pour into others in the same or more significant way. Now, we look at how these two pillars connect with being a solutionist: the ability to challenge ideas, values, current or old systems, and operations to bring answers. This is not just about change but about empowerment, about being the hope catalyst for a better future.

With leadership come challenges, resistance, and the opportunity to innovate, bring freshness, and implement much-needed strategy into relationships, environments, and organizations. Just as no two people are the same, it is to be said for the functioning leader and their approach to leadership. A leader has to continue learning to be confident in who they are—relinquishing old ineffective habits and gloom-ridden behaviors and mindsets to embrace the new practical and hope-filled habits, behaviors, and attitudes.

So what may that look like?

  • Being proactive rather than reactive, especially when there is a history of lack of self-control.

  • Breaking negative cycles and patterns that have plagued your family line for generations with the help of God and, in some cases, professional help. It is not just a task but a triumph. It's about reclaiming your family's future and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Hebrews 4:12 The Passion Translation

  • Losing the grip of fear and doing that thing that has you frozen in time when you know you need to move and get it done. Time is precious. Please do not waste it.

  • It is obeying God even when it makes you look crazy. If God has promised it, it will be. Your belief system should be backed with action.

  • It is reviewing and changing outdated procedures and policies. Every executive leader should be able to create strategic plans and lead the organization's overall culture to progress forward with fortitude and excellence.

  • Leading the one, like you are leading hundreds or thousands. Not lackadaisical.

Assess: What is working and what is not?

The art of good leadership is not about perfection. It is not about being the "next big thing." It is about sacrifice, time and emotional management, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Good leaders understand that to function at total capacity in the area of influence; one should be comfortable with compassion, boldness, and godly authority. Your leadership relies on your loving relationship with and service to God and your love and respect for yourself and others.

What resonates with you from this post? Are there some inspiring suggestions you would like to share? Leave a comment below. It could help a fellow leader.

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