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Breaking Through Barriers

An arrow breaking through a wall

Years ago, I went ziplining through the jungles of Belize. This was one adventurous activity I could check off my list of things I thought I would never do. It involved too many fear factors for my liking. Yet, I found myself with a courageous group hiking to our first post for take-off.

I do not remember all the details of this experience because when fear is present, it is hard to think or embrace any moment.

Can you relate?

Though the memories may be distant, here are some highlights I recall to share with you.

After arriving at the first post to zip through the beautiful canopy of greenery around me, one of the guides asked, "Who wants to go first?" No one responded, so I did with "I will." The guide gave me some quick instructions to reiterate what was mentioned to us earlier, then off I went.

I had tunnel vision as I swept through the jungle attached to a line that gave me no sense of security or comfort. Then something happened. I started to slow down. Slower, slower, slower, until I came to a halt. But here's the problem. I had not made it across to the other side yet. I was dangling God only knows how high up in the air and at the midpoint to my destination.

I yelled to another guide who went before me, "I'm stuck, I need you to come get me!" His response "I can't, the line won't hold us both. You will have to use your arm strength and pull yourself in." He signaled with an unusual call echoing through the air to the other guide, with the rest of the group, not to send off anyone else yet.

Failing a few more times attempting for the guide to help me, I gave myself a pep talk and began to pull myself in. I kept my eyes straight ahead on my desired goal. Praying to God, encouraging myself, and singing a song about not being a slave to fear.

I made it across, and the adventure was completed.



There were more lines to cross, and each route got higher up and each line longer across. I told myself, "I could not do it." The fear of getting stuck again brought no relief.

The group was great emotional support and encouraged me so I could continue. It was my turn again. Off I went.

"I can do this. I got this." Followed by a quick, "Oh no! I'm starting to slow down!"

Have you ever been in a situation you quickly realized was a mistake?

Again, I managed to stop midpoint, dangling even higher in the air. My psyche was all messed up. At this point, I knew it was just me and God. I began doing the things that helped me before praying, encouraging myself, and singing as I pulled myself in.

Whew, I made it as the group congratulated me.

Mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from the challenges, contemplation about finishing the course became a reality.

When a person experiences disappointment after disappointment, it becomes easier to want to give up. I decided to hike back to base before it was no longer an option.

A few people in the group did something that was a game-changer. Practical strategies shared to help me not lose momentum when zipping across. Hesitant and not confident that it would work, I initially declined their offers. They were persistent that it would work and for me not to give up. I eventually agreed to try their techniques. After all, they were ziplining with no problems.

Finally, something worked. The applied advice and my coping techniques together helped me to zip across the remaining lines with ease, momentum, and more confidence. The thing I once thought I could not do, I completed with support.

Woman preparing for ziplining

Why give you the backstory?

There were many lessons I learned to help not only myself but for you to break through mental barriers.

What are the things threatening you from advancing?

Here are a few ways to break through the resistance:

#1 - Address the barrier.

It is healthy to acknowledge the issue. Whether it is a person, place, or thing, confronting what is challenging you is a great start for a breakthrough.

#2 - Seek God and keep your focus on Him.

Sometimes, there will be those moments when it is just you and Him. Remind yourself as many times as needed that God will never leave you or forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Be aware that He is a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Let your focus be straight ahead (Proverbs 4:25). Do not get distracted by the chaos all around you or within you. God is great at calming the raging circumstances in our lives.

"You are far more capable than you think of doing things that seem impossible." – Equalla Foster

#3 - Build yourself up mentally and emotionally.

Encourage yourself. Give positive self-talk. Use healthy coping mechanisms to help you break through things that try to hinder you with fear, doubt, and anxiety. You are a lot stronger than you perceive.

#4 - Be open to assistance.

Don't dismiss the help that can safely propel you to the other side of the problem. It is okay to ask for help and to receive wise counsel.

#5 - Reflect on the lesson.

The lessons you learned during and after breaking through the barriers, reach out and teach someone else how to break through theirs by sharing your experience. Christians are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelations 12:11).

God will equip you for breaking through your barriers.

You may not be ziplining through the jungles of Belize, but something is preventing you from moving forward and overcoming your situation. Remember, to address the mental and physical barriers, seek God, encourage yourself, receive additional support when needed, and reflect on the lessons learned to help someone else.

You are far more capable than you think of doing things that seem impossible. Breaking through barriers with hope, determination, and strategy is attainable. Go beyond your comfort zones and pull yourself forward until you reach your desired goal or destination.


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