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Created in His Image:

What does that mean?

By Crysteena Douglas

A fingerprint illuminating with the word below "Created in His Image".

Being created in the image of God means something. What images come to mind when we consider God and who He is? Is it the wonders of the sky with stars, sun, and moon to light it? Do we think of the colors of the setting sun or the magnificence of constellations as seen through state-of-the-art telescopes? It is amazing. Do we consider the life cycle of a human, from conception to embryo and from fetus to newborn? Perhaps we consider Old Testament stories of God delivering His people from Egypt with no less than ten supernatural plagues delivered on a nation that would learn to fear Him. Some would even leave Egypt with the children of Israel during the Exodus.

There are many things and angles to consider when it comes to God. When we look at the world around us, we can see Him. His fingerprint is literally everywhere. This is the God whose image we are created in. He is a God who is superior and superb, and we are made in His likeness.

Created in His image: What does that mean to us?

Too often, we have been inundated with negative information about ourselves that doesn’t align with the truth but is far from it. Many have thoroughly initiated into a false belief system about themselves that they never rise to who God has called them to be. Choosing to believe that we are truly created in the image of God is an act of faith because everything we see may tell us we are hopeless and insignificant if our environments support that message. What around us would collaborate with the message that an infinite God has created us, and we must be innately special for that reason alone? The answer is the Word of God.

It may seem to us that the Bible is just a book set on the table or a shelf to accumulate dust from underuse. We may fail to understand the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The book took on the form of a man. Did you get that? When we begin to see that the Word is Christ, we may be able to believe the Word. The reason why the Word is so powerful is because it is Jesus, and He is alive. The Bible is a living book, but it is not just a book at all.

Let me present a quick rundown of who we are according to Ephesians 2:10: “We are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things.” The Common English Bible (CEB)

Being created in Christ means something; we have been re-created in the Son of God and taken on His characteristics and traits.

Ephesians 2:10 CEB Scripture

He is:

The light.

The resurrection.

The prince of peace.

The way.

The bright and morning star.

That means that we:

Never have to be in darkness.

Never have to die (spiritually).

Don’t ever have to be lost,

and never have to be without hope in this world.

Christ is many more things than what is shared here. The Bible, or the Word, is filled with His descriptives and names. Let us meditate on Him so that our minds can grow in the fullness of who He’s called us to be. We are a lot like Him. The apple never falls very far from the tree. May we reflect His light in more glorious ways so others will be drawn to Him and be saved. Let’s get glowing.


The Writer

Inspire To Hope Guest Blogger Crysteena Douglas photo

Crysteena is a real estate professional and entrepreneur, engaging her knowledge and experience in a way that merges business as ministry.

She enjoys reading, writing, and a good laugh in her spare time.

Crysteena writes on Christian Encouragement as a guest contributor for the Inspire To Hope Blog.

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