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I'll Have What She's Having: A Position of Influence to Influence

By: Crysteena Douglas

There's a spot I found near me that specializes in Filipino food. I've always loved foods from different cultures, and many times, I've been to this restaurant and sat in the same spot outside and right in front. I appreciate the good weather we've been having and want to soak up the sun.

I like pancit, a traditional Filipino dish of thin rice noodles cooked with finely chopped vegetables like carrots and celery. They have a good version of it. I like to add a little chili sauce for the kick. Once, on an adventurous whim, I tried a tamale-like item wrapped in green banana leaves. It was made out of cassava, and it was alright. It had an interesting texture, like firm bread pudding, and a vaguely familiar and pleasing taste.

A picture of a plate of pancit with a title "I'll have what she's having".

Over time, something began to happen. As I sat there, people began to pass by and comment on what I was having or what they should eat there. Being a California native, I've heard people say that Californians aren't that friendly. I had never considered that we weren't friendly, but I began to see their point. As a whole, we usually don't talk to strangers, only people we know. It's not that we're trying to be mean, but with such a large population and diversity of people, one has to preserve and protect their space accordingly. I see people being more friendly where there might be less coming at you in the environment. Out here, there's the main culture, the pop culture, and about a million different sub-cultures. There's not just a diversity in ethnicities and locations but in perspectives, values, mindsets, and philosophies.

My spot outside of the restaurant became an anomaly. People began to open up. One day, I sat there enjoying lunch when a man said, "That looks good. Is it worth a try?" I see a tall man dressed professionally, smiling and speaking. I was surprised because we're usually so insular; this was a departure. "It is," I said, "be intentional with what you get."

They had a vast array of hot, cooked dishes spread out buffet style behind a glass case where the staff would plate whatever items were ordered. There was a lot to choose from. The man smiled and walked away.

Another day, a young man getting out of a red sports car said, "I got the lentils because you got it," and went to his car. This phenomenon happened again and again.

Being Positioned for Influence

"What are these people thinking of?" I wondered. "Who orders something just because they see someone else having it?" It may depend on what it looks like. I was reminded of the movie When Harry Met Sally and of the infamous line from the film: "I'll have what she's having." People I didn't know were compelled to taste and see simply because I was having it. The spiritual significance wasn't lost to me.

As Christians, leaders, and coaches, we are in a position of influence to influence.

We don't carry the King of Kings and the authority of heaven to not draw and lead people to Him. On our worst day, we are brimming with light this world has never seen. We influence and lead naturally.

People are seeing what is on our plate. It's an entree of grace with a side of compassion, mercy, and, don't forget - double helpings of love. We've got mashed happiness covered in joy gravy. It's just what the world's been hungering for. Just being yourself and how you conduct your affairs with wisdom and self-control makes them curious about the meal.

I encourage leaders to be mindful of their power and influence, even if they must be made aware. They're looking to see what you're eating. Let it be the Word.

I hear the Father saying, "Eat what I give you" Ezekiel 2:8.

A diet rich in the Word will ensure a life of fruitfulness and success. "Meditate on it day and night, for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success" Joshua 1:8.

May your life be sustained on God's buffet. May He be an intoxicating fragrance on you that continually draws and attracts others to the Savior.

A picture of blogger Crysteena Douglas and bio.

Crysteena Douglas is an avid real estate investor building a team with Renatus. She empowers others to be financially independent while establishing a real estate business empire one step at a time.

Protecting and equipping the body of Christ is of utmost importance. She currently lives in Southern California.

Crysteena will be writing on Christian Encouragement for the Inspire To Hope blog.

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