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The Role of Improving the Customer Experience

A customer rating an experience with five stars.

Your support service should take your customer on a memorable journey that creates good memories, loyalty, and retention in your business. From beginning to end, a beautiful partnership is formulated. Your customers should feel like they are part of your business community.

How is this possible?

Feedback is among the most underrated measuring sticks to a company's success. Let your customers know that their input, ratings, and reviews matter. However, before we can reach this point, we must do the necessary work to deliver what we promised. After all, this is why we have the customer's interest in the first place.

Deliver What You Promised

People are not just purchasing a product or service; remember, they are buying an experience. Whether you have a physical location or mainly online, the experience is the main event. Here are a few suggestions on how to do so.

  1. The Greeting: Nothing states a warm reception like a smile and a "hello" or "welcome"! These greetings tell the consumer you see them and are approachable if needed. For online: this can be accomplished with a welcome section or about page on your site.

  2. Offer Support: "Can I help you?" "Please contact ______ for assistance." or "Do you have any questions?" are essential for good customer service. Online businesses should have a visible and functioning contact number and email address on their website. Policies, Terms & Conditions, and Frequently Asked Questions should be easily accessible.

  3. Professionalism: Clear and respectful tone, mannerisms, effective communication, and attentive listening are vital. Integrity is not optional. Honest business ethics help to build trust and rapport. Staying organized with tasks and projects is crucial to aid in productivity. Quick tip- fire does not distinguish fire. In an escalated situation, remaining calm, empathic, and using wisdom will guide toward de-escalation and solutions.

  4. The Delivery: Does the product, service, and pricing meet the promised offer? Bait and switch is a horrible and unethical tactic that dishonorable businesses use to lure consumers into purchasing. The goal is to deliver quality with a spirit of excellence. Will you always meet your customers' satisfaction? No. Sometimes, no matter the amount of exuberating effort. However, that should not be an excuse not to continue to put your best forward with each encounter.

"Your support service should take your customer on a memorable journey that creates good memories, loyalty, and retention in your business." – Equalla Foster

Three Spiritual Gifts that Can Help with the Customer Experience

God is the Gifter of gifts. As a believer in Christ Jesus, the spiritual gifts you have received from God do not disappear when you are in business. And they are not just helpful at church. For those who feel they lack in the spiritual gifts category, I encourage you to discuss that with the Lord. Pray with thanksgiving and anticipation that you will receive. Then, use your spiritual gifts to glorify God in your industry as a businessperson. Spiritual gifts should never be used for selfish motives; instead, they should be used as a conduit to bring Heaven to Earth. When you operate with this mindset, you allow your customers to experience the goodness of God even if they are not fully aware, which is the majority of the time. But your representation of God does not go unnoticed. Meaning how you carry yourself is on full display.

Though every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17), and it is a blessing, we need faith and guidance in delivering the gifts given to us at the appropriate time and place. These three spiritual gifts may be helpful in business and your overall customer experience. They are the gifts of wisdom, help, and administration. You can find these spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12.

Godly wisdom is foundational to the everyday operations of your business. Some examples of wisdom include:

  • Seeking God.

  • Counsel from seasoned business leaders and industry experts.

  • Investing in education and personal development.

  • Being receptive to feedback.

  • Treating others how you want to be treated.

  • Knowing how to make a Kingdom impact in your area of influence. 

Helping others is ministry. Making oneself available is part of the function of being in business. Serving the needs of others without compromising your Christian values is key. This gift of service displays humility and a heart to support. People know when someone is genuine and when they are not. So pretending to be of assistance when you are not or just blatantly not considering the welfare of others is not helpful or admirable.

Administration is leadership. Not only are you leading your customers on a journey, but for those with employees or teams, you are also leading them. When God gifts administration, you will have holy confidence because you are willing to see your business through His eyes and trust in the One who is all-knowing and empowers us to lead well.

In improving your customer experience, let love be the driving force behind customer interactions. Treat each person with care and respect, as you exemplify the nature of God in love and compassion. With doing so, the feedback you receive from your customers will be an additional bonus for your efforts.

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